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2. 100% IN-HOUSE

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With over two decades of extensive experience in the higher education and IT fields, I have honed my expertise in various domains including IT infrastructure, system management, network management, database management, e-learning, examination administration, software testing and maintenance, as well as data analysis. My diverse skill set encompasses specialties such as IT service management, SPSS proficiency, web development and designing, web mastering, network management and administration, data center management, backup management and administration, storage administration, IT security administration, team management, and hands-on training/workshops for medical computing applications, research, and analysis.

I am proud to be recognized as a Fellow Member of the International Association of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (IACSIT), a testament to my dedication and contributions in the field.

Taif, Saudi Arabia

Medical Day, Saudi Arabia

My skills extend beyond technical expertise. I thrive in multicultural environments, valuing the richness diversity brings. I adhere to strict confidentiality codes of practice within departments, ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive information. Effectively managing my workload, I possess the ability to prioritize tasks on a daily and weekly basis, consistently meeting deadlines. Furthermore, I exhibit self-sufficiency and excel when working independently, requiring minimal supervision.

I hold the prestigious Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certification, signifying my proficiency in coding. Possessing an initiative-driven analytical approach, I am well-versed in handling computer applications and providing training for health information departments. My teaching abilities have enabled me to foster organizational development and growth.

College of medicine

College of medicine

In summary, my extensive experience, comprehensive skill set, and dedication to excellence make me a valuable asset in the realms of higher education and IT.